plan review touch screen

Plan Review Table

Plan Review Table

Height & Tilt Adjust 65" 55" 43" Touch Screen

65" 55" 43" Touch Screen

"The plan review table has revolutionized the way that we do business" - Nick

The Volanti Plan Review table delivers the key benefits of a large high resolution touch screen with height and tilt adjust ergonomics to provide the best in class digital plan review solution. Featuring powder coated solid steel and aluminum construction, highly reliable powerful Linak actuators, top grade electronics, many options & customization, as well as design and final assembly in the USA.

Flexibility, Options & Customization

In addition to plan review, markup or takeoff, the ability to easily relocate and adjust to full vertical or flat table positions with the intuitive front mounted control paddles enables group presentations or team collaboration.

Options such as side monitors (one or both sides), a keyboard tray, laptop tray, webcam, integrated power reel, graphics workstation grade PC, and backup battery turn this into a comprehensive and powerful system.

Software Compatibility

The Volanti Plan Review table is compatible with all Microsoft Windows PC applications - these include Bluebeam, Procore, Plangrid, ArcGIS, permit approval applications, planning & collaboration software such as Trello and eplan table viewer applications as well as digital whiteboard and presentation applications.

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plan review touch screen in review position


plan review touch screen in presentation position


plan review touch screen table position


plan review touch screen adjustment

Easy Electric Adjust

Large Ultra-HD Multi-Touch Display

Large Ultra-HD Multi-Touch Display

Large Touch Screen

65" 55" 43"

High Resolution

4K, Ultra-HD

Ergonomic Adjustment

Electric Height & Tilt

Finger, Glove, Stylus*

All Supported

Brighter Display

Direct LED Backlit


Low Latency


Tailored & Futureproof

Toughened Glass

Aluminum housing

Intuitive Controls

Front mounted paddles

* Passive styluses are supported on all models, some active styluses work well on the 65", ask for details.
Note: These are the same Volanti touch screen displays as here: 43", 55" & 65" touch monitors.

3D Image - Look Around...

3D Image - Look Around...

The image below is a 3D model of the 65" model with all optional accessories, you can rotate and zoom, it may take a few seconds to fully load...

your 360 images

The Table Stand: Solid, Adjustable & Mobile

The Table Stand - Intuitive Functionality

Stylish, ergonomic and very functional, the details are all there, conveniently located handles, easy access front mounted paddles to electrically adjust the height and angle, cable management to keep things organized and presentable, large easy roll locking wheels, accessories to add functionality and convenience. Together with the touch screen display it is a highly versatile electric plan review table and presentation display system.

Electric Tilt & Height

Powerful & reliable actuators


Flat to Vertical: 22 sec


Top to Bottom: 29 sec


4" wheels


Road Case (option)


PC, Power, & more

Accessory Options

Accessory Options

Keyboard tray, Side monitor(s), Webcam, PC, Battery, Power reel, and more...
The keyboard tray easily accommodates a full size keyboard and mouse, together with tilt adjustment to provide the optimum angle for the angle of the display. The backup battery option has a power failure alarm and should comfortably provide over 30 minutes operation giving plenty of time for saving work and shutting the system down in the event of a mains power cut. The webcam option ensures the system is ready for video conferencing. The side monitor(s) provides an additional window for other applications. And there is still more...

plan review touch screen keyboard

As highlighted:
• Keyboard tray
• Laptop shelf
• Side monitor
• Webcam
• Equipment cover
   - Equipment bracket
   - Power cable reel
   - PC, workstation
   - Backup battery

plan review touch screen accessories

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PC, Workstation Option

PC, Workstation Options

The Volanti Lift & Tilt touch-screen table can be used with your PC, laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro or optionally supplied with a powerful mini workstation.

• Up to 32GB DDR4 RAM
• Windows 10
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
• Energy Star Qualified Config

Logo & Colors

Logo & Colors

The Volanti Plan Review table looks great in the standard black but as we design and assemble the main display and table chassis we are able to offer the customization option of personalized logo and colors. The attached PDF shows what it might look like with other color options. Contact us for a quote.



The Volanti Lift & Tilt touch screen table is a versatile and ergonomic solution for a wide range of personal and team collaboration applications such as plan review, design, training, digital whiteboard, presentation and other commercial applications.


Plan Review




Design & CAD

As an electric plan table, or eplan table, we see Bluebeam Revu, Procore, Plangrid as popular applications. For CAD and 3D viewing apps from Adobe, Autodesk Revit and similar are all compatible. For digital whiteboard the Microsoft Digital Whiteboard app works well.



The Volanti Plan Review touch screen table at 28" front to back will fit through standard doorways. The 4" castors (two lockable) and an optional 30ft retractable power reel also facilitate easy relocation.

plan review touch screen dimensions

ARCH Sizes & Display Sizes

ARCH Sizes & Display Sizes

The Volanti Plan Review table screen size is comparable to some of the ARCH paper sizes as the image below shows. While the digital display benefits from zoom and pan creating a huge virtual window, it provides the big picture as well as all the details.

plan review touch screen arch sizes

In addition to the 65", 55" and 43" Lift and Tilt plan review models shown on this page we also have 43" and 32" tabletop models, click here.



Volanti Plan Review Models:
•  Summary page, all Plan Review models
•  Tables: 65", 55", 43" electric height & tilt, 4K displays
•  Tabletop: 43", 32" tilt adjust, 4K displays
•  Mobile: 32" transportable 4K display
•  Job-box: 55" on-site 4K display

plan review table and tabletop models



For more information and a personal overview of the Volanti plan review table please feel free to choose a time on Michael's calendar: Calendar link. Alternatively...

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Brochure: Plan Review Tables, 65" 55" 43" (PDF)
ARCH drawing sizes: Comparison between Volanti screen sizes and ARCH print sizes (PDF)
Ergonomics: The ergonomic benefits of a lift & tilt touch table (PDF)
Why Go Digital: Reasons to go digital (PDF)



Design and final assembly in California, USA for business use. For orders or questions: Contact us using the form from the link or scroll to the bottom of the page.

43" 55" 65"
Design Edge-to-edge flat front design - no raised bezel
Multiple Touches 10 point
Accuracy <1.5mm accuracy
Touch Finger, gloves. Passive styluses are supported on all models though some styluses work better than others. Some active styluses work well on the 65" model, ask for details.
Compatibility Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Android versions with native support for USB HID multi-touch. No drivers needed.
43" 55" 65"
Display LCD with LED backlight, viewing area:
43" diagonal: 37.0" x 20.8" (941mm x 529mm)
55" diagonal: 47.6" x 26.8" (1210mm x 680mm)
65" diagonal: 56.2" x 31.6" (1428mm x 804mm)
Resolution 3840 x 2160, 4K, Ultra-HD
(max, panel)
43": 400 nits
55": 500 nits
65": 500 nits
Contrast Ratio (typ) 43": 1000:1
55": 4000:1
65": 1100:1
Response time (panel typ) 43": 6ms
55": 8.5ms
65": 8ms
Colors 1.07 Billion
Viewing Angle 178° Horizontal & Vertical
Dimensions 43": 51.4"W x 30.6"H
55": 51.4"W x 30.6"H
65": 60.0"W x 35.4"H
43" 55" 65"
HDMI 1 x HDMI 2.0 - 4K @ 60hz
2 x HDMI 1.4 - 1080p @ 60hz
Display Port 1 x DisplayPort 1.2 - 4K @ 60Hz
DVI Supports 1080p @ 60hz
VGA 1 x DB15 1920x1080 @ 60hz
43" 55" 65"
Buttons & IR
Ethernet, RS-232
Brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, temperature, backlight brightness, PiP/PbP
Buttons &
IR (Option)
Up/Down, Vertical/Horizontal
43" 55" 65"
34" - 59" center
29 seconds
22 seconds
Accessories Keyboard tray, laptop tray, Webcam, Side monitor, Equipment cover, Equipment bracket, Retractable power reel, Graphics workstation PC, Backup battery.
43" 55" 65"
Glass Impact Resistance Ball drop UL60950 (500g/1.3m)
Cover Glass 3mm, Temperature strengthened
Touch Glass Integration 43" Optically bonded
55" Edge bonded
65" Edge bonded
Touch Glass Sealant Silicon
Power: Display External type power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60hz
Power: Base External type power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60hz
Operating Conditions 0 to +50°C
Weight: Display/Base/Total* 43" 45lbs/135lbs/180lbs
55" 73lbs/135lbs/208lbs
65" 105lbs/135lbs/240lbs
Shipping Weight: Display/Base/Total 43" TBC
55" 85lbs/175lbs/260lbs
65" 125lbs/175lbs/300lbs
43" 55" 65"
Plan Review Lift & Tilt
43" VD-434K-PR
55" VD-554K-PR
65" VD-654K-PR
Keyboard tray 43" 43-KT
55" 55-KT
65" 65-KT
Laptop tray VD-LT
Webcam VD-WCM
Side monitor & bracket VD-MB
Equipment cover VD-EC
Equipment bracket VD-EB
Retractable power reel VD-RCR
Graphics workstation PC VD-PC10
Backup battery VD-BB



For more information and a personal overview of the Volanti plan review table please feel free to choose a time on Michael's calendar: