Video Walls, Touch Monitors, Designer Displays

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Video Walls

Transform any static wall space, foyer, or lobby into a dynamic engaging visual piece. Volanti Displays innovative LCD video wall solutions are designed to deliver impact at an affordable cost.

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Touch Displays

Volanti offers high quality finger & stylus multi-touch displays from 42" to 98" for corporate and way-finding.

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Mobile Displays

Brilliant mobile large screen & video wall displays. A combination of sturdy casing and ingenious design, these easy pop and show displays are perfectly suited for any event.

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Designer Displays

Re-imagining the way users interact with displays, Volanti's Designer Series displays make an impact. Perfect for retail, corporate lobbies, & museums.

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About Us

Volanti is a video monitor brand - we design and create video display monitors for digital signage and corporate audio-visual applications, you might call them commercial TV's though to us they are an essential means of communication in the information age.

Our expertise comes from industry experts who have been involved with the design and manufacture of LCD based video display systems for over 20 years. That expertise extends to the electronics where delivering the highest reliability was essential.

Where possible we do the design and final assembly in the USA, this certainly applies to all our larger monitor products. Our offices are in Silicon Valley, California - Mediterranean weather and a hub for technological innovation that is famous around the world.