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Trello Multi-Touch Display

Interact with Trello on the big screen - a real-time digital whiteboard and planning display where users can plan, strategize, prioritize, and brainstorm all of their projects.

Powered by Cnverg

Presented on Volanti touch screen displays, sizes available include 42", 55", 65", 84" and 98".

Import all your Trello boards

It doesn’t matter if you work with one board or a dozen. Move seamlessly between TrelloTM and Cnverg. Real-time, two-way synching ensures that all of your data stays up to date.

Take full control of your Trello cards

Create, edit, change lists, assign tasks, add due dates and labels: visually and with a touch or click, right from the browser on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Full multitouch capability

Move multiple objects simultaneously. Intuitive gesture controls such as pinch to zoom, swipe to pan, or dragging objects into the space.

Built for the devices of tomorrow

Cnverg is capable of simultaneous, multi-user interaction on large format touch displays and touch video walls: if it runs a modern browser, it can run Cnverg.

Visualize Multiple Boards

Organizing and managing several Trello boards simultaneously can be difficult. You can now view Trello cards from multiple boards in a single, unified workspace.

Giant Digital Whiteboard

Control it in real-time as a digital whiteboard with the devices you walked into the room with, and watch as participants thousands of miles away can simultaneously control it. All in real-time. All in the browser. 

How It Works

If you already use Trello all you need to do is install and subscribe to Cnverg.

Use on one of Volanti's large touchscreen displays for maximum functionality, see for more details.


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