65" 4K Touch Display

Volanti's new 4K Ultra-HD 65 inch display with light-wave touch technology stands out for bringing a highly accurate tablet like multi-touch experience to a large screen.



3840 x 2160

4K Resolution


HDMI & DisplayPort

Tablet-like touch

for large format displays.

Volanti's 65 inch Touch offers industry-leading multi-touch performance, ensuring a perfect Windows or Android user interface experience. Enjoy crisp, edge-to-edge 4K picture quality without sacrificing overall performance.



IoT (Internet of Things)


Windows / Android


Engage like never before.

The idea behind high performance touch display is to not only allow for greater engagement from end users but to create an emotional attachment that resonates through the simple act of 'touch'.

Whether it's a corporate meeting, a classroom where visual learning helps students retain knowledge, the display should act as a pure extension of our thoughts.

Stylus / Glove

Performance you can feel.

High precision and accuracy along with over 1,000 levels of pressure detection allows users to utilize virtually any object as an input device including styluses, pens, paint brushes, and even works with gloves on.

1,000 Levels

Pressure Detection

Any Input

Active/Passive Supported

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About Volanti

Volanti builds on over 25 years of display industry expertise and focuses on large display systems for niche commercial markets. Innovative products and cutting-edge technology combined with design and final assembly in the USA.